27 Lads With The Most Incredibly Mad Banter

    More banter than a bantersaurus rex and the Archbishop of Banterbury going for a cheeky Nando's in Bantershire.

    1. Christ, just look at this madness. Absolute madness.

    2. You can't get better than this sort of epic banter.

    3. This cup is peak banter. It's all the banter. Purified banter.

    4. You can't just come by this sort of banter.

    5. My god, it's just such spectacular banter.

    6. It's top-notch, premium grade banter.

    7. When people have got banter this good, you just can't trust them.

    8. No apples are safe!

    9. Or pineapples! You don't want Dan to find a pineapple!

    10. Or even bread! Bread might be for eating, but mainly, it's for banter.


    12. A ledge. No other word for it.

    13. These sort of wild, wild lads can't be contained by simple rules.

    14. Sometimes the banter is so hot, so spicy, you've just got to plan ahead. Make sure everyone is ready for it.

    15. The madness, the absolute madness.

    16. Get some drinks in them and these lads just go nuts!

    17. That's when the banter is really off the chain.

    18. Some mad banter would have been had here!

    19. Well, until the next day. Then the banter train really gets moving! A spoon!

    20. Where could this jumper have come from? There must have been so much banter last night.

    21. And a cushion! An actual cushion! I can't even imagine the epic bants that brought this about.

    22. Incredible bants.

    23. Top notch dad banter here.

    24. Savage banter.

    25. There's just banter everywhere.

    26. Banter as far as the eye can see.

    27. Wild banter, mad banter.

    From r/MadLads