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Britain, It Turns Out Breadsticks Aren't What You Think They Are

America keeps going on about them, but why?

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So, you may have heard Americans talking about breadsticks. They're very passionate about them.

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I've been assuming it was just a weird American proclivity, like biscuits and gravy, or how they're letting a old leather handbag with an orange wig run for president.


So why in the hell are Americans so passionate about these dry, tasteless sticks?

i love olive garden Breadsticks

Who needs love when you can have Olive Garden breadsticks

I love Olive Garden's breadsticks more than most people so


If Olive Garden breadsticks haven't made a positive impact on your life than I don't believe you are living life..

And it gets weirder! There's an entire meme about leaving a crappy date but taking the breadsticks.

Why would you stop to take breadsticks? WHY?

What the fuck are you people thinking? Why would you make a meme about these insanely lame things?


Because, it turns out, they mean something else, and that something else is MAGNIFICENT.

They're talking about actual lumps of actual magnificent bread.

Bread covered in butter and garlic and deliciousness.

It's not free dry twigs. It's FREE FRESHLY BAKED BREAD.

Britain, we are so, so left out! This is worth making a damn meme over.

Unlimited ones of these? HELL FUCKING YEAH.