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27 Kids Who Just Don't Give A Fuck Any More

Kids are as honest as you wish you could be.

1. This kid, who'll be damned if you'll ever catch him out.

2. This kid, who has no time for your bullshit.

3. This kid, who's way realer than you can handle.

4. This kid, who doesn't give a shit about your "great outdoors" nonsense.

5. This kid, who doesn't give a fuck if his parents miss him when he's at camp, but damn does he want some food.

6. This kid, being interviewed on the news with his own damn mic without any cares in the world.

7. This kid, who won't follow your rules.

8. This kid, who's just damn well going for it.

9. This kid, wearing his chainmail at school like a badass who just doesn't care about your opinion.

10. This kid, who wants to be a fucking firetruck, and why the fuck wouldn't he?

11. This kid, who really has no fucks left to give.

12. This kid, who doesn't give a shit what an apology should be.

13. And this one.

14. This kid, who doesn't give a crap about how much toothpaste he should actually use, he uses as much as he damn well pleases.

15. This kid, who doesn't give a fuck about how friendships are supposed to work.

16. This kid, who'll just roll with whatever seems practical.

17. This kid, who is basically fucking Superman.

18. This kid, who isn't going to mess around with your bullshit.

19. This kid, who knows the only true way to shit is to take all your clothes off, and doesn't give a damn who knows it.

20. And this kid, who's figured out the warmest way to shit.

21. This kid, who is coming for you.


23. This kid, who's given the fuck up.

24. And this one, who just doesn't know anything any more.

25. This kid, who just can't handle it.

26. This kid, who doesn't give a fuck about your "appropriate" bullshit.

27. And finally, this kid, who just really, really, really has run out of fucks to give.