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    The 17 Worst Poured Beers In Human History

    Damn, these are badly poured beers.

    1. This is rough.

    2. So is this.

    3. Tough to look at.

    4. Oof.

    5. Really not great.

    6. Oh, yeah, that is a terribly poured beer.

    7. As is that.

    8. A not well-poured beer, this. Not well-poured at all.

    9. This is poorly poured also.

    10. Utterly awful.

    11. What is even the point.

    12. Yeah, just, not right.

    13. Not a strong pour.

    14. Bit of a nightmare.

    15. Disaster. Just a disaster.

    16. This is no good at all.

    17. Truly, truly the absolute worst.