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    16 Times Alternate Subtitles Massively Improved GIFs

    Much more accurate versions. From r/DubbedGIFs/

    1. The greatest spell in the history of Harry Potter.

    Warner Bros. Entertainment / Via

    2. When we finally figured out where all the tension in Mad Men was actually coming from.

    HBO / Via

    3. The most accurate political comment of all time.

    4. What Woody Harrelson really was after.

    HBO / Via

    5. Adrian Peterson's secret tool for victory.

    NFL / Via

    6. What snowmen really think.

    Disney / Via

    7. Brad Pitt's deep, dark secret.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    8. What gets Philip Rivers happy.

    NFL / Via

    9. Justin Timberlake's uncomfortable moment.

    The Weinstein Company / Via

    10. This actually accurate description of Matt Damon's career.

    Media Rights Capital / Via

    11. When Robin finally said it.

    Warner Bros. Entertainment / Via

    12. This very bold handshake.

    FX / Via

    13. When Tyrion got serious about what he really wanted.

    HBO / Via

    14. When we found out what Gary Busey is master of.

    Largo Entertainment / Via

    15. When Justin Bieber explained what was actually going on with him.


    16. This one that actually might be 100% accurate.

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