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    May 27, 2015

    The 23 Most Perfectly Timed Photos That Have Ever Happened

    It's not luck, it's fate.

    1. The reason you should never play giant Jenga.

    2. This woman who probably isn't standing back up.

    3. When this confluence of shirts happened.

    4. This selfie taken riiiiight as a sneeze happened.

    5. This perfectly lined up hair.

    6. This dog, who just wasn't feeling his look.


    7. This selfie capturing the most Larry David expression ever.

    8. This far, far too real struggle.

    9. This baby aging incredibly suddenly.

    10. And this slightly older child getting much, much older.

    11. This bird, playing with its big brothers.

    12. This dog's intense passion for his treat.

    13. And this dog's intense fear of... something.

    14. This dog regretting coming out for a play.

    15. And this guy who's regretting all his life choices.

    16. And this one.

    17. This woman who probably didn't enjoy her skydive as much as she had hoped.

    18. This absurdly well-timed flash from another camera.

    19. This selfie.

    20. This snowball hit.

    21. This excellent double bail.

    22. This clear reason you should never Instagram your food.

    23. Just don't take photos near animals, tbh.

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