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32 People Who Failed Better Than Anyone Had Failed Before

We're halfway through 2015 and fail is still at a dangerous level.

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3. This attempt to be a badass.

4. This tragedy.


5. All these kids. Especially the one who's just trying to fit in.

7. This spectacular tragedy that is also somehow all of us.

8. This girl whose dreams are just crushed.


11. The greatest cover of all time.

13. This expert DJ.

15. This almost-so-incredibly great attempt.

16. This misunderstanding from the police.

Not sure Kent Police fully understood my question...


19. This attempt to sit on a parked car.

20. A slightly misguided attempt at Ramadan marketing.

Pringles #fail as spotted in a Dubai shop. Smoky bacon flavour for Ramadan? Thanks for the laugh @londongirldxb


21. This slightly impractical shopping basket.

22. This wonderful singing performance.

when you jammin to JB too hard and you grab a hot mic

23. This completely inevitable result.


26. This dog turning the tables.

27. Harry Styles, struggling with a cord.

29. These two men playing Frisbee.