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28 People Who Should Definitely Be Banned From Instagram

You really should not Instagram while driving.

1. This person using Instagram comments to debate theology.

2. New mothers who forgot about their spray tans.

3. Definitely anyone Instagramming while they're driving.

4. Anyone being artistic.

5. This criminal.

6. Anyone taking photos of shit.

7. These girls with "Drake."

8. The person using this hashtag.

9. People who don't know how fish work.

"In the ocean swimming with the pigeons." PIGEONS.

10. Everyone taking photos like this.

11. All 4,809 people who followed this clearly fake account.

12. This person and their "soup."

Hen lets be real thats hot chocolate in a bowl

13. This person making a joke? Maybe?

14. Posting an Instagram of a Facebook status on Facebook.

15. This father refusing to help his child because the 'gram is going to be so good.

16. The guy writing like this.

17. Anyone whose account looks like this.

18. The person photographing this test.

19. Anyone who takes a photo while they're peeing.

20. Or a selfie while they're pooping.

21. People who just can't figure out appropriate times to hashtag.

22. Seriously.

23. These teens visiting grandma.

24. James Franco.

25. People who put a picture of their credit card on the internet.

26. People enjoying flaming young.

27. Anyone Instagramming a drain.

28. And definitely anyone who can't hold onto their camera.

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