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    18 Things That People Who Hate Being Outdoors Will Understand

    Home is where the Wi-Fi is.

    1. The repeated pressure to get 'fresh air' makes absolutely no sense.

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    There is air indoors, as well. It's just as breathable.

    2. People seem to think parks are relaxing, when actually they're just less comfortable versions of indoors.

    3. You end up sitting on the grass, in which there is no comfortable position.

    FOX / Via

    Sort of leaning back on your arms? No. Laying down? No. Cross-legged? No, I'm not a child and this is just weird.

    4. Basically nowhere outside has WiFi, and that is worrying.

    "Oh, I'll just use the 3G on my phone LIKE A GODDAMN ANIMAL."

    5. And it's weird using a laptop outside.


    The brightness ends up making the screen unreadable.

    6. In fact, it's hard to go outside because you have to carry everything you want.

    ITV / Via

    Which is weird. And annoying. And I don't want to do it.

    7. The weather is just way too changeable, and it's kind of unnerving.

    Blinding Edge Pictures / Via

    There is a controlled environment right here inside, why go outside where anything could happen?

    8. If it's raining, then there's clearly no reason to go outside.

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    9. If it's sunny, then you'll end up hot, and sweaty, and miserable.

    10. Or, it'll be somewhere in the middle, and whatever you decide to wear will end up being inappropriate.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    11. Drinking is much more frowned upon as well.

    Gary Sanchez Productions / Via

    It's like not everywhere is expected to have alcohol.

    12. And when you do drink outside, your beer gets warm really quickly.

    13. The plans involving going outside always seem to be very loose, and end up with a lot of wandering around.

    Mandate Pictures / Via

    14. And when there is somewhere specific to go, extra time needs to be factored in because "it'll be nice to walk instead."

    Manglobe / Via

    15. The beach is just as bad, with the giant fish toilet that is the sea.

    16. And the sand getting everywhere.

    Focus Features / Via

    17. The idea of camping as an enjoyable holiday is just bizarre.

    18. There's just nothing wrong with hanging out indoors.

    Nickelodeon / Via

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