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18 Things That People Who Hate Being Outdoors Will Understand

Home is where the Wi-Fi is.

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3. You end up sitting on the grass, in which there is no comfortable position.

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Sort of leaning back on your arms? No. Laying down? No. Cross-legged? No, I'm not a child and this is just weird.

7. The weather is just way too changeable, and it's kind of unnerving.

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There is a controlled environment right here inside, why go outside where anything could happen?

12. And when you do drink outside, your beer gets warm really quickly.

By the time you're on your third in the park, it's really very warm.

15. The beach is just as bad, with the giant fish toilet that is the sea.

Ugh, just look at it.

17. The idea of camping as an enjoyable holiday is just bizarre.

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