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    27 Hilariously Simple Ideas That Would Make The World More Fun

    Or at least, marginally less annoying. From /r/ShowerThoughts.

    1. Websites should post their password requirements on their login pages, so you can remember what you had to do to your normal password to make it work on their site.

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    2. There should be confetti in tyres, so when there's a blowout it's still kind of an OK day.

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    3. If Leonardo DiCaprio ever wins an Oscar, he should pull out a dusty piece of paper and do an acceptance speech as if it's from 1993.

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    4. Instead of prequels and sequels, they should start making "equels" – films shot in the same time period as the original film, but from an entirely different perspective.

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    5. We should have a holiday called Space Day, where all the lights are shut off for at least an hour at night, so we can see the galaxy.

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    6. They should announce a sequel to Groundhog Day and then just rerelease the original.

    7. There should be a gym where the membership fee is extremely high at the beginning of the month, but you earn money back for every day you actually go and work out for an hour.

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    8. The Google self-driving car should have an "I'm Feeling Lucky" button that drives you to a random location.

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    9. You should be able to yell "BE RIGHT THERE" to your phone, and since it now knows you're coming, it gives you a few extra rings before sending the caller to voicemail.

    10. Phones should have two passwords for unlocking them; one which would be for you and completely unrestricted, while the other would be for when you're giving it to parents or friends...and it wouldn't show embarrassing photos.

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    11. Google Maps should have a feature where, if you know a better route, you can say "OK, Google, watch this," and then drive your route. They could improve their directions that way.

    12. They should make realistic Gatorade commercials, where hungover people try to drink it without sitting up all the way.

    13. There should be an app like Tinder, but for jobs. Like, "Hey, you have 42 jobs that meet your qualifications near you!" Then the company can swipe left for awful applications.

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    14. They should put a tiny message at the very end of ChapStick tubes, congratulating you on getting to the end without losing the damn thing.

    MTV / Via

    15. Apple has "air". Amazon has "fire". Google has "earth". I think Microsoft should create something called "water".

    Moho Film / Via

    16. IF YOU TYPE SOMETHING ALL IN CAPS ACCIDENTALLY, you should be able to highlight said text and reverse it by hitting the caps lock key.

    17. Pimp My Ride should do a "Where are they now?" episode.

    18. There should be a TV channel that only shows failed pilot episode of shows that most people have never seen.

    19. There should be a version of Rotten Tomatoes that rates critics instead of films, so we know whose opinions to completely ignore.

    20. There should be a website where you can enter all your measurements and find out what clothing brands will likely fit you best.

    21. Cinemas should have "Adult Only" showings of children's films so I, as a 24-year-old single male, can enjoy those movies in peace. I would love to see Pixar movies without a bunch of rowdy children in the theater.

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    22. There should be a section of an actor's IMDb page called "Most Confused With."

    23. There should be a website where people can submit TL;DR of legal agreements for the apps we all use.

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    24. There should be a store called "ALL CAPS," which only sells hats and where all the employees yell at you.

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    25. Google should tell you if you're the first person to ever Google something.

    Netflix / Via

    26. Someone should throw a Halloween party where everyone dresses like cops – so if it ever gets busted, there would just be mass confusion.

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    27. Once a president leaves office, they should be sent to prison for life. That way, only the most selfless and dedicated people try to get elected.

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