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    I Made My Dad Explain Why He Thinks Britain Should Leave The EU

    OK, so why is Brexit a good idea, Dad?

    For as long as I can remember, my dad has been in favour of the UK leaving the EU. Now that the referendum is actually happening, I thought it would be a good idea to actually find out why.

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    While I'm young and live in London, firmly in the typical demographic for Remain, my dad is (naturally) older and lives well outside London, well within the core demographics for Leave.

    So here's a slightly edited version of a conversation that I had with him recently. First up: Why does he think the UK should leave the EU?

    Has he ever supported the EU?

    He was firmly averse to the idea of a European parliament exerting any control over Britain.

    He also believes that a Brexit would benefit the UK long-term.

    In fact, a number of European governments have expressed concern over the possibility of other countries following the lead of the UK. “Up until now the idea was that the EU was irreversible. This certainty would come less,” one senior official from a major eurozone government told BuzzFeed News.

    As well as helping trade.

    There's broad agreement that there would be a short-term shock to the UK, but the long-term shock is actually predicted by the Treasury to be greater if the UK defaults to World Trade Organization membership, rather than pursuing a Norway-type deal.

    On the other hand, a former economic adviser to Boris Johnson has hypothesised the idea of a “Nike swoosh”, an initial hit to GDP before a significant improvement.

    I asked about how the campaigns have been presented.

    My dad criticised the amount of scaremongering that has happened.

    He also suggested why there weren't more politicians on the side of Leave.

    There has been a significant generational split between Remain and Leave.

    Age 43 is the crossover point between Remain and Leave, according to YouGov via @MattChorley's Red Box email

    I was curious about why my dad thought that was.

    His final prediction, however:

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