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    17 Things People With Terrible Handwriting Are Tired Of Hearing

    No, I can't read it either.

    1. "Has it always been that bad?"

    2. "How did you manage at school?"

    3. "Can you actually read that?"

    4. "What does that say?"

    5. "Could you write that again?"

    6. "It looks like a spider's fallen in ink and crawled across the page."

    7. "Have you tried this solution? It's really effective."

    8. "You should be a doctor with that handwriting!"

    9. "You know, it's supposed to be a sign of intelligence."

    10. "Are you bad at sport as well?"

    11. "Are you dyslexic?"

    12. "Have you tried writing in cursive?"

    13. "Have you tried writing in non-cursive?"

    14. "Are you just writing in block capitals?"

    15. "Can you really write your signature like that?"

    16. "My writing used to look like that when I was a kid."

    17. "How do you manage?"