How Bad Are You At Life?

Should you really be allowed out into the world?

  1. How Many Of These Do You Agree With?
    1. 1 Do you think Monday is a viable day to go out drinking?
    2. 2 Is your hangover solution actually very questionable?
    3. 3 Is WebMD your primary source of medical care?
    4. 4 Is your fridge basically empty of useful ingredients right now?
    5. 5 Does it just contain alcohol?
    6. 6 And possibly some leftover pizza?
    7. 7 If you had to go grocery shopping right now, would you be guessing at what you need?
    8. 8 Would you end up buying pizza and alcohol?
    9. 9 Have you killed multiple plants in your attempts to care for them?
    10. 10 Have you given up on exercise?
    11. 11 Or are you still trying to go to the gym…but just not?
    12. 12 Do you want to work drunk?
    13. 13 Do you ever actually work drunk?
    14. 14 Is your current relationship the result of just not really wanting to be alone?
    15. 15 Do you not know where all your money goes?
    16. 16 Do you end up being forced to buy food with spare change before every payday?
    17. 17 Is most expensive item you’ve ever bought essentially an over-priced status symbol?
    18. 18 Have you ever been in a relationship by accident?
    19. 19 Do you sometimes get to the weekend and realise you forgot to plan anything?
    20. 20 And briefly consider doing all the chores you keep putting off?
    21. 21 Then ignore that and go drinking?
    22. 22 On other weekends, do you discover you’re supposed to go to three things at the same time?
    23. 23 Is getting up still the worst thing in the world?
    24. 24 Are there parts of your job that still confuse you, but it’s been too long and you can’t say anything?
    25. 25 Does something breaking in your house fill you with dread?
    26. 26 Are you mystified when something on your car needs fixing?
    27. 27 Do you know of at least one broken thing you’ve been meaning to fix for ages?
    28. 28 Is your primary relationship with Netflix?
    29. 29 Are you cheating on Netflix with pizza?
    30. 30 Is crucial paperwork for your life broadly a mystery to you?
    31. 31 Is the best food you make a sandwich?
    32. 32 Do you own one piece of furniture that you have no idea of the origin of?
    33. 33 Is laundry more of a general concept than something you actually do?
    34. 34 Is the idea of making a major decision terrifying?
    35. 35 Do you have any idea what’s going to happen in your life?
    36. 36 Are you actually scared and confused and trying hard all the time but nothing makes sense and you could really use some help?

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Luke Bailey is a senior editor for BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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