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24 Socially Awkward Moments That Only Happen Because Of The Internet

Social media is not social.

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1. Meeting someone in real life who you've previously only stalked online.

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And having to pretend you don't know who they are and everything they've ever done.

2. Having a moment of mutual recognition with a stranger in the street, then realising you had been talking on Tinder.


Particularly if the conversation didn't end well.

3. A stranger casually dropping a reference to something they clearly learned about you on social media.


Would you like to read my diary as well?

4. Getting a message online that you don't want to reply to, then not posting anything for an extended period.

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Can't let them know you might have seen it.

5. Getting tagged in a Facebook post for something that you weren't really involved in. Or interested in.


And getting notifications for EVERY SINGLE response.

6. Accidentally liking someone's very old Instagram photo.

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7. Accidentally liking someone's Instagram photo, then, in your hurry to fix it, unliking it and accidentally re-liking it again.

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8. Checking in on Facebook and having someone respond to tell you how close they are and how they could totally come and meet you.

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And you not saying anything...

9. Getting stuck in a long Twitter conversation and having to just fave the other person's tweets until it ends.

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10. Your parents adding your friends on Facebook.

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It's fine, it's fine, it's not like...

11. Your parents adding your co-workers on Facebook.

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Oh, for fuck's sake.

12. Two completely disparate groups with VERY different opinions suddenly start having a conversation under your Facebook post.

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"So this is the hippy I met at the vegan festival, and this is my war-vet uncle who owns a meat-processing factory. I'm sure you'll get along swimmingly."

13. Matching with someone on Tinder and realising that you already know them. Because you already slept with them.

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So swiiiiiipe left? I mean, it was fun...

14. Discovering you posted something inappropriate while drunk and completely forgot about it for ages.

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No one commented, so they probably didn't notice, right? Right?

15. Replying to a tweet from someone you know, and them not replying or faving.

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And your tweet just sits there, sad and alone.

16. Checking in on Foursquare, then realising that you accidentally linked it to your other social networks.

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And now everyone else knows you use Foursquare.

17. Tagging someone in a Facebook post who doesn't respond or even like it.

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I know you saw it. You got a notification.

18. When you subsequently edit the post to remove the tag because it's embarrassing that no one replied.


And have the tell-tale "Edited" note by the post for ever more.

19. Seeing someone try to use a QR code in real life.

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20. Getting a voicemail. Any voicemail.


Just text, please. It's not 2007.

21. Accidentally unfollowing someone then refollowing them, making them think you never followed them in the first place.

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I did, honest!

22. Making a test Vine and accidentally posting it.

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And then not realising for ages.

23. Getting a WhatsApp from someone and not wanting them to know you've read it, so trying to figure out the whole message from the preview.

24. Using Google+.

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