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    19 Cuddly Toys That Totally Understand Your Hangover Right Now

    You just need some softness in your life.

    1. This guy is wondering why he thought that third tequila shot was a good idea.

    2. This elephant could really, really do with a hug.

    3. This bear has tried to dress extra nicely so that no one notices, but so far no one has commented on his hat and he doesn't think it's worked.

    4. This one is in a black pit of despair and horror, but is trying to put a brave face on. Sometimes it slips.

    5. This one had to sit down in the shower this morning.

    6. This one just wants all the light to go away.

    7. This panda just checked his Uber receipt from last night and realised what the surge price actually was.

    8. This one discovered that no one made any coffee this morning and someone is going to pay for this.

    9. This one is still a bit drunk but is convinced no one else has noticed.

    10. This Santa really needs this day to be over.

    11. This one did not make it home last night and is worried it's ever so obvious.

    12. This one just doesn't want anyone to talk to him.

    13. This one could not be more angry about everything.

    14. This shark just remembered about the vomit on his shoes last night.

    15. This sloth isn't sure exactly what happened. But something bad definitely did.

    16. This one keeps dry-heaving but there's nothing left to come up.

    17. This one is getting waves of guilt, but is really not sure why.

    18. This guy is going to flip the fuck out on that person who keeps chewing loudly in the office.

    19. This one is still fucking going.

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