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If "Friends" Had Been Set In 3015

The one with the bullies from Mars.

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1. The one with the alien orthodontist.

2. The one with the replicant of Monica.

3. The one with the bullies from Mars.

4. The one with Joey and Chandler's mind-meld.

5. The one where Monica and Chandler are matched by the Goverment Breeding Program.

6. The one with the Virtual Reality porn.

7. The one where Nana returns to life as a zombie.

8. The one where Ross meets Elizabeth's Clone.

9. The one with the cybernetic monkey.

10. The one where the cybernetic monkey gains sentient self-awareness.

11. The one where the cybernetic monkey ends its bleak excuse for an existence.

12. The one where Ross dates a girl from the OGLE-2005-BLG-390L star system.

13. The one with the girl who tries to synthesise Joey's DNA.

14. The one where Chandler is "The Voter."

15. The one where they try to live underwater.

16. The one with the dozen portions of Soylent.

17. The one with the engagement hologram.

18. The one where Joey speaks Neptunian.

19. The one with THE EVENT.

20. The one where no-one talks about THE EVENT.

21. The one with the unfrozen environmentalist.

22. The one where no-one can remember what the environment was.

23. The one where Heckles becomes a zombie too.

24. The one at the Sea of Tranquility.

25. The one with the Chicken Pox epidemic.

26. The one where Chandler doesn't like human-raccoon hybrids.

27. The one where they desperately cling to the comforting ritual of Thanksgiving.

28. The one with Joey's new brain.

29. The one with five steak substitutes and even more Soylent.

30. The one with all the Brockian Ultra-Cricket.

31. The one where Joey moves to 51 Pegasi b.

32. The one with all the acid rain.

33. The one where Rachel dates a mutant.

34. The one with the truth about Soylent.

35. The one where Ross got addicted to Soma.

36. The one where they try to go outside.

37. The one where Phoebe dies from radiation poisoning.

38. The one where Phoebe returns to life as an Incorporeal Cloud Of Consciousness.™

39. The one in New Vegas.

40. The one with the permanent planetary blackout.

41. The one with the android cop.

42. The one where they find an apple.

43. The one with the final shuttle to Jupiter.

44. The one where Chandler takes a bath.

45. The one where they run out of fresh water.

46. The one where breast milk is all that's left.

47. The one where the zombies finally break down the barricades.

48. The one with the literal tunnel.

49. The one where they remember what happened in THE EVENT.

50. The one where the filters fall away and they see the true hellscape of the dying earth.

51. The one with the lamentations over their lost humanity.

52. The one where they weep for the ruined shell of society.

53. The one with all the futility, Part. 1.

54. The one with all the futility, Part. 2.

55. The one with the suicide pact.