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31 Things That Will Make No Sense If You Didn't Grow Up In Britain

Life was so much easier when the best way to communicate was MSN Messenger.

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1. This glorious moment.

2. The knowledge that this settled all arguments.

3. This permanent disappointment.

4. This compromise that never really seemed fair.

5. This pastime you could be proud of.

6. This henious crime.

7. This uncomfortable moment.

8. This toy that could bring so much happiness.

9. This small victory that felt so much bigger.

10. This struggle.

11. This frustration.

12. And this one...

13. This peak nan moment.

14. This bait-and-switch.

15. The most exciting moment of the day.

16. This fear.

17. This long con.

18. This later in life realisation.

19. This utter tragedy.

20. This perfect revenge.

21. This win.

22. This misdemeanor that no one EVER committed.

23. This help.

24. This way, way too common occurrence.

25. This enjoyable day.

26. This flawless excuse.

27. This eternal hope.

28. These forgotten treasures.

29. This.

30. The greatest pudding of all time.

31. And this cockwomble.