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If You're British, You'll Truly Understand These 43 Photos

Can you get through this post without feeling slightly patriotic?

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1. This neatly improved £10 note.

2. And this coin combination.

3. Jeremy Clarkson as a little girl.

4. This important headline.

5. And this one.

6. This injustice.

7. This unfortunate error on a TV.

8. This pun.

9. And this one.

10. And this newspaper pun.

11. OK, and one more.

12. This romantic proposal.

13. How no news service has even been quite as good as page 302.

14. This all-time great Daily Mail headline.

Daily Mail / Via Twitter: @flashboy

15. And this peak Guardian one.

16. An easter egg, filled with angel delight, making the greatest easter egg of all time.

17. This update from the smallest police force in the UK.

18. This brilliantly Scottish bus.

19. This reason to vote for UKIP.

#WhyImVotingUkip I had to move to Spain to get away from all the immigrants who are ruining Britain.

20. This most British of pub signs.

21. This parliamentary debate of paramount importance.

22. This athlete.

23. The glory of party rings.

24. This utterly justifiable vandalism in Wimbledon.

25. This horse on a train station sign.

26. This peak election Twitter exchange.

Best Twitter exchange of the election. Possibly ever. @libby_brooks @NicolaSturgeon #GE2015 #SNP

27. This magnificent typo.

28. This wonderfully named village.

29. And this utterly tragic renaming.

30. This sign.

31. This poster for a lost pet.

32. This struggle.

33. This important local news story.

34. And this one.

35. This protest, that all worked out in the end.

36. This back to school display.

37. This guide to queueing.

38. And this academic book to back it up.

39. This orderly queue that has clearly taken tips from the guides.

40. This point of pride.

41. This glorious act of supermarket trolling.

42. This presenter, picking up photocopier paper instead of an iPad, and just going with it.

43. This enormous Hula Hoop.