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27 Maps That Will Change How You Think About "Game Of Thrones"

Just in case you were planning to visit.

1. Firstly, this very clean, and simple map.

2. And this larger map, of the entire world of the books.

3. An authentically old version of the world.

4. Westeros, if it had been mapped by Google.

Available for purchase here.

5. This map, proving Westeros is basically an upside-down Ireland.

6. Well, unless it's actually Ireland and Britain.

7. A comparison of the size of Europe against the size of Westeros.

8. A neat comparison with Seattle.

9. This comparison that allegedly proves Westeros is actually on one of Saturn's moons, Titan. / Via

Additional evidence is that Titan experiences a 30-year seasonal cycle - which would explain the long summer that is coming to an end in the series.

A more detailed analysis is available here.

10. The house areas, as represented by their sigils.

11. A light-hearted, but intensely detailed, look at Westeros.

J. E. Fullerton / Via

12. This comparison of land holdings at the start...

13. ...and at the end of the fifth book.

14. A map explaining the original conquest by Aegon Targaryen three centuries before the events of Game of Thrones.

15. This street level map of King's Landing.

16. The population, and population density of the region.

17. Additionally, the religious plurality and ethnic plurality.

Some seriously in-depth work by Redditor scolbert08 here.

18. The oh-so-important wine map.

19. A geological map of the world, developed by Miles Traer.

20. And a geographic survey of the rest of the world as well.

21. The world of Westeros, as mapped onto a globe.

22. If the world had modern lights, and satellites to take a photo of them.

23. A transit system, that would have made Arya's life so much easier.

Available to buy here.

24. And a full rail map.

Michael Tyznik / Via

Available to buy here.

25. This map that makes visiting look almost tempting.

KitKat Pecson / Via

26. And this one, that makes it look equally adorable.

27. And finally, Westeros, if it were Super Mario.

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