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19 Awesome GIFs That Will Make You Glad You Live On This Planet

Earth is so cool, man. From r/EarthPornGifs.

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1. This beautiful sky over a lake.

2. This sunlight in New Zealand.

3. Our galaxy appearing in a Swiss lake.

4. Lava dripping in Hawaii.

5. And this lava flowing, also in Hawaii.

6. A beach fire in the Philippines / Via

7. A gloriously serene river.

8. This incredible collapsing sand dune.

9. This river.

10. A perfect sunrise.

11. The best mountaintop view you'll ever see.

12. This falling snow.

13. A Japanese waterfall.

14. This flight over a cliff.

15. A threatening storm system.

16. Irish mist, rolling in.

17. Clouds forming against the Matterhorn.

18. The Northern Lights.

19. These clouds in India.