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23 Gendered Products That Prove How Truly Fragile Masculinity Is

"I’m a man and I use man things. I’m not a woman. I’m a man."

1. "Washing dishes is women's work, with all the lemon and lemongrass and apple. But this? This is BUILT FOR MEN. Cleaning for MEN."

Masculinity is so fragile, episode number 543,679.

2. "I don't need any of those womanly lozenges, for I am a MAN, but also, my throat is slightly tender and I have a ticklish cough so I am using these MANLY LOZENGES."

3. "My masculine skin must never touch the products a woman might use. That will diminish my masculinity. My masculinity is strong and powerful and that is why the lotion I use must be MEN lotion."

your fragile masculinity trembles under normal lotion, must get ManLotion™

4. "Fruit is for women, I only eat manly foods like beef and tree bark and an entire motorbike."

when your masculinity is so fragile that I could crack it like an egg

5. "Everyone knows that touching your hair is a sign of being gay, so it's important that I only use men's hair tools. Anything else would be gay. I'm not gay."

men's masculinity is so fragile they can't groom themselves w/ regular hair tools so we gave them regular hair tools

6. "Ew, bags."

7. "Fuck other mugs, this is a manly mug. It's black and white, because colours are for women. So is any form of design, and serifed fonts."

8. "I could never eat women's chocolate. This is man chocolate. It tastes like axle grease, and smells like a gun."

9. "If someone saw you using a pink phone, they would definitely assume you were gay. Or a woman. Or some sort of alien, determined to bring down society by making everyone faint in horror."

10. "I am a strong and powerful man, and I don't want to get a bit damp, but how could I possibly stand under a normal umbrella. I must have a MAN'S umbrella. For protecting men."

When your masculinity is really fragile

11. "Sweet potato might be healthy, but how could I possibly eat it without being reminded of the devastating lethal power of an explosive device. Death makes me hard. But not in a gay way. Just in, like, a manly way."

"Man cooking" and #FragileMasculinity, article also includes "Cheesy Mushroom Mines"

12. "As I man, it's important that not even a small amount of affection is allowed to show through to my closest friends. I must wish them happy birthday in a totally masculine way."

is your masculinity feelin fragile on your bday? fear not!

13. "Queens are like girls or something, and no man should be called a girl because that would be so embarrassing."

Masculinity is so fragile. The #Liverpool logo on all the queens. #football

14. "Writing is for women."

15. "But feminism is only valid if it involves men."

Masculinity is so fragile and stupid af.

16. "Being clean isn't something men should do. Were medieval footsoldiers clean? Did cavemen ever take a shower? Did dinosaurs use soap? Exactly."

when ur masculinity is so fragile that u have 2 buy this so u can feel like a man again

17. "So long as something is being killed it's fine to be clean though, because then it's EXTREME."

masculinity is so fragile their soap has to be marketed as something that leads to pain and death

18. "I must wash myself in an entirely masculine way. I don't even look at my own testicles."

MASCULINITY IS SO FRAGILE. (that btw is a loofah shaped like a hand grenade. bc it's a MAN's product. for MEN.)

19. "All my cleaning products are MAN'S cleaning products. Because I AM A MAN, and nothing must be allowed to make me feel otherwise."

men's masculinity is so fragile loofahs aren't even safe

20. "This food is only truly good for men. Women wouldn't appreciate it."

More in painfully fragile masculinity: fun fact (they're tomatoes)

21. "Make me smell like sport. Sport is a good scent. Everything should smell like sport."

fragile masculinity strikes again

22. "I need to be constantly reassured that my desires are not in conflict with my identity, and my decisions won't influence the presence of an arbitrary concept in my own self-perception."

23. "Also, yoghurt is for women. Give me POWERFUL yoghurt for my POWERFUL masculinity."