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19 Questions About Food That You'll Never Be Able To Answer

Why DO sandwiches taste better cut in half?

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1. Why does food taste better on a stick?

2. Why do sandwiches taste better when they're cut in half?

3. Especially if they're cut in half diagonally?

4. Why is pizza better when it's leftovers?

5. Why does beer taste better in the shower?

6. And why do all drinks taste better through a straw?

7. Except, somehow, beer?

8. Why do baby carrots taste better than full-size carrots?

9. Why do mini M&Ms taste better than regular M&Ms?

10. Why does pineapple juice taste so much better than it smells?

11. How is every food made better by cheese?

12. And how is cheese tastier when it’s grated than ​it is​ in slices?

13. Why does chopped lettuce taste better than lettuce that hasn't been chopped?

14. Why does Coke from a can taste better than Coke from a plastic bottle?

15. BUT then why does Coke from a glass bottle taste better than either of them?

16. Why does the cookie dough taste so much better than the actual cookies?

17. Why does banana taste better when sliced?

18. Why does cereal taste better at night?

19. In fact, why is all breakfast food even more delicious at night?