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The 23 Greatest Hair Flips Of All Time, Ranked

Flip your hair back and forth.

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23. The Snooki "I'm Too Hungover For This" Hair Flip.

22. The Justin Bieber "Little Big Man" Hair Flip.

21. The Cher Horowitz "You're Such A Baldwin" Hair Flip.

20. The Conan O'Brien "Fills You With Dread" Hair Flip.


19. The NeNe Leakes "I Don't Even Need Long Hair For This" Hair Flip.

18. The Professor Snape "Bitch, I'm Fabulous" Hair Flip.

17. The Lady Gaga "What The Fuck Are YOU Doing Here?!" Hair Flip.

16. The Children Of Bodom "Totally Metal" Hair Flip.

15. The Angelina Jolie "You're Now Going To Do Whatever I Tell You" Hair Flip.

14. The Rihanna "And What Do You Want?" Hair Flip.

13. The Iggy Azalea "Are You Still Here?" Hair Flip.

12. The Anna Camp "Hi!" Hair Flip.

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11. The Sooyoung "Yeah, You Saw This" Hair Flip.

10. The Gabrielle Union "Sorry You're Basic" Hair Flip.

9. The Aishwarya Rai Bachchan "You Can Never Handle This" Hair Flip.

8. The Nicola Roberts "I'm Coming For You" Hair Flip.

7. The Hillary Clinton "Secretary of Sass" Hair Flip.


6. The Britney Spears "Triple Weave Swing" Hair Flip.

5. The Nicki Minaj "Dirt Off My Shoulder" Hair Flip.

4. The Lorde "I'm Not Being Your Sassy Stereotype, I Just Have A Lot Of Hair" Hair Flip.

3. The Ariel "I'm A Motherfuckin' Mermaid" Hair Flip.

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2. The Taylor Swift "I Know I'm Flawless" Hair Flip.

1. The Beyoncé "I'm Beyoncé" Hair Flip.