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The 25 Most Spectacular Fast Food Fails Of All Time

When all you're craving is a burger, and it just doesn't come together...

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1. The Burger King Burger Without The Burger

2. The Egg & Cheese On The Side Sandwich

@DunkinDonuts When I ordered an egg & cheese sandwich, I was hoping the egg and cheese would be IN the sandwich #Fail

3. The Saddest Taco In The World

4. The Sub With Extra Pickles

5. The Chicken Burgers Without Chicken Burgers

6. The Large With Extra Metal Tray

7. The Cheese On The Box Burger

8. The Cheese Slightly Less On The Box Burger

9. The Half Cheese On The Box Burger

#McDonalds #mcdonaldsproblems Really? I don't mind paying good money for McD's but COME ON MAN! Fail.

10. The Half Cheese Completely Actually On The Box Burger

The cheese didn't even make it onto the fish this time... @McDonalds #CheeseFail #Fail

11. The Nacho Burger

12. The Extra Crispy

13. The Chronic Misunderstanding

14. The Whopper Bun Swapper

15. The Whopper Bun Swapper 2

16. The Meatless

@sonicdrivein waited 10 min for a jr deluxe chsbrgr & got this--WHERE"S THE BEEF?! Lol #fail #youhadonejob

17. The Knife Sub

18. The Super Super Skinny Taco

@tacobell Pretty sure the taco supreme should have tomatoes & sour cream. And meat. Tragic lunch fail. 😭 #heartbroken

19. The Super Super Ultra Skinny Taco

@TacoBell fail :-( Where's the Beef?! #tacofail

20. The Crushing Disappointment

21. The Tragedy

Only at @McDonalds can you order a hamburger and they forget the burger! #fail #hungry

22. The Sadness

23. The Confusion

Big Mac fail! @McDonalds have a word!!

24. The Facepalm

Asked for sour cream on the side smh @tacobell

25. The Ultimate

Actually, this one might be a win.

Actually, this one might be a win.