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    This Is The Most Unbelievably Simple And Unbelievably Gross Prank You'll Ever See

    Too far. Way too far.

    1. So, just imagine. You're sitting there, calmly, happily, holding someone's hand. And realise...IT'S A FOOT.

    2. You're just holding someone's foot. Fingers all interwoven with their toes.

    3. You were so relaxed before, but now, you just know, you'll never be clean again.

    4. "Hey, give me your hand WOARRRGGHHH WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

    5. Just imagine holding a foot, and a foot holding your fingers with its toes.

    6. This is an entirely reasonable reaction to holding someone's foot by accident.

    7. As is this facial expression.

    8. This is just impossibly gross. It's so, so unfair.

    9. What a horrifyingly unnecessary act of cruelty to inflict on someone.

    Same. Same.