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26 Photos That Are Going To Totally Ruin Your Day

Sorry, everyone.

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1. This barbaric cutting up of a pizza.

2. This ticket that claims to cost $18.

3. This complete shitshow.

4. Weather that is so, so close to being an actual pattern.

5. This disaster of a football pitch.

6. This proof that humans are terrible.

7. This dick who broke this tab off.

8. This abomination.

9. People are running wild, and making no sense.


11. This is the most evil thing George R.R. Martin has ever been responsible for.

12. Oh, no, wait, it's probably this.

13. He's probably the reason the letter "R" appears twice in here as well.

14. No one should ever have to use these arrow keys.

15. Or this floor.

16. Or look at this window.

17. Siiiiiiigh.

18. There really is no point to anything, when you get down to it.

19. Why bother?

20. When monsters roam the earth, why would you expect to be happy?

21. Nothing is good.

22. Just give up.

23. And go home.

24. Enjoy a nice bottle of wine.

25. Or a beer.

26. Oh, fuck everything.

It's not going to be a good day.

From Imgur's Mildly Infuriating