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33 Photos So Painfully Awkward You Can Actually Feel It

Clear proof there's always someone more awkward than you.

1. This very poorly thought through shirt.

2. This bar lean that frankly should be outlawed for the good of society.

3. This all-time great outfit on the morning after Halloween.

4. This moment couldn't get much more awkward.

5. Except OH YES IT COULD.

6. This attempted handshake that would make even Dwight Schrute feel awkward.

7. This photo stealer.

8. When your shirt is supposed to say Canada... but doesn't.

9. This conversation.

10. This very uncomfortable interaction.

11. This is the smile of a very uncomfortable man, desperate just to get out safely.

12. This woman struggling with a door.

13. This meeting that actually happened out in the world.

14. This pregnancy announcement which should have been stopped before it even happened.

15. This situation.

16. Though this one might actually be worse.

17. This flawless couple shot.

18. This party that is really going off.

19. This father who is just not in a good place right now.

20. This discovery that it's tricky to be original.

21. Always.

22. This unfortunate coincidence.

23. This handshake that went so, so wrong.

24. This utterly inexplicable engagement photoshoot.

25. And this one, that mainly revolves around leaves, and the complex emotions they inspire.

26. His face tells a story of pure awkward.

27. This beard related fail that is making no-one happy.

28. This high-level hover-hand.

29. And this double hover-hand.

30. This post that just got uncomfortable real fast.

31. This epic question to the mayor of Hiroshima.

32. Ariana Grande's epically awkward kiss dodge.

33. And of course, Avril Lavigne.