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    28 Reasons No One Should Ever Visit Essex

    Just nothing there.

    1. Essex is just grim towns, really.

    2. No nature to speak of.

    Gideon Chilton / Via Flickr: gideonc

    3. After all, there's nowhere nice to go.

    4. Or unusual things to do.

    Mark Seton / Via Flickr: markseton

    5. Does anyone really want to go on a boat?

    Ken Douglas / Via Flickr: good_day

    6. Or see wonderful bits of a canal?

    Gideon Chilton / Via Flickr: gideonc

    7. No one wants to walk around North Weald Market.

    8. Strawberry picking wouldn't be any fun, after all.

    9. White tiger at the zoo? Nah.

    Martin Pettitt / Via Flickr: mdpettitt

    10. Essex just has nowhere quiet to hang out.

    11. It just doesn't look great.

    Karen Roe

    12. And you never stumble across anything historical.

    13. It's not like there are 500-year-old bridges nestling in the countryside.

    David J Morgan / Via Flickr: tz1_1zt

    14. Or lovely country houses.

    Karen Roe / Via Flickr: karen_roe

    15. Or Elizabethan Halls.

    16. No space, really.

    17. The towns are all pretty glum.

    Andrea Simmons Abbott / Via Flickr: sheepies

    18. You won't see experimental art, or anything like that.

    Rob Walker / Via Flickr: artwork_rebel

    19. There are no pubs either.

    Duncan McNeil / Via Flickr: duncan_mcneil

    20. Or any fine food either, it's all a bit rubbish.

    21. The beaches are pretty meh too.

    Andrea Simmons Abbott / Via Flickr: sheepies

    22. Why would anyone want to hang out in all these colourful beach huts?

    Andrea Simmons Abbott / Via http://ttps://Flickr:

    23. It's be a bit crap, probably.

    Brian Snelson / Via Flickr: exfordy

    24. Or see the world's longest pier?

    Sarah Tzinieris / Via Flickr: 120420083@N05

    25. Yeah, no one wants to be anywhere near these beaches.

    Andrea Simmons Abbott / Via Flickr: sheepies

    26. Essex doesn't look much better at night.

    Gideon Chilton / Via Flickr: gideonc

    27. Nothing fun happens then.

    William Warby / Via Flickr: wwarby

    28. Yeah, don't bother with Essex. It's just all a bit rubbish.

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