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    17 Ed Miliband Reactions For Everyday Situations

    Ed Miliband understands your pain.

    1. When your mum comes in and you haven't put your porn away yet.

    2. When the teacher wants to explain something to you while everyone else is going outside for playtime.

    3. When you have to pick a topic and you've got a really good idea, but the teacher is asking everyone else first.

    4. When you're talking to a girl you thought was single but her boyfriend shows up and he's really big.

    5. When you want to make out but your girl just wants to talk.

    6. When the lads start shit-talking you in front of the girl you like.

    7. When you see your mates going to the pub but you've got other plans.

    8. When you're really hungover and can't figure out what's going on.

    9. When the guy you hate tries to make a joke and no one laughs.

    10. When you've been really looking forward to your pizza but when you get it, it has the wrong toppings on.

    11. When you fart and you think it might have felt a bit wet.

    12. When a girl snapchats you a picture of her boobs.

    13. When you think you did sex good.

    14. When you think you see your ex in the club with another guy.

    15. When the beat drops.

    16. When you have a big night and you're somehow not hungover the next day.

    17. When you've got a really funny joke but then someone else starts talking and says the exact thing you were thinking.