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    23 Of The Most Glorious Examples Of Drunk Logic

    It's when everyone functions at their best.

    1. The guy who ordered Dominos, and ordered McDonald's in the special instructions section.

    2. This cunning tactic to stop a car with a broken window from being stolen. / Via @kirbyforce

    3. This brand new soap dispenser. / Via @TheBigLebowskiFromTheCreatorsofFargo

    4. The most perfect cheeseburger of all time. / Via @FlyingPony

    5. This achievement. / Via @Drewdledoo

    6. And then this one...

    7. Whatever happened here. / Via @Shmallies

    8. This teenager who fell asleep in the taxi.

    Fell asleep in the taxi and none woke me up. Now I'm back at the taxi man's house in Stretford watching take me out

    9. "Adult bagel bites." / Via @lolshitidk

    10. This excellent recreation of a very important photo. / Via @_emma_green

    11. This jenga tower. / Via @Chevolvo

    12. The person who bought a scorpion while drinking. / Via @Ascoo

    13. This 2am purchase your mother might actually be proud of.

    14. A night with the Super Smashed Bros. / Via @curtisfjames

    15. This highly useful to-do list. / Via @theressomewoodyonyourharrelson

    16. A cat fort. / Via @dangleberries4lunch

    17. The skill that must have resulted in this. / Via @tkore

    18. This eventful night.

    19. This invention.

    20. This entirely logical purchase. / Via @buttgoblin87

    21. This knife, thrown through a door. / Via @freeze123901

    22. This wonderfully, and elegantly, prepared meal. / Via @hedgehog15

    23. This utterly, utterly brilliant photo that is all of us when we're drinking. / Via @Drewjamess22

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