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24 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up Living In Modern Britain

Truly, Britain is about throwing bog roll at politicians.

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3. This man in an Olaf costume, explaining the tyranny of Frozen with a pain you could never imagine.


10. And this sad death of love.

Found taped to the seat at my bus-stop. Oh, Ken.

11. This approach to health.


14. The British people are resourceful, and not limited by such trivial things as taste or dignity.

Just at the self-scanners in Tesco & in the corner of my eye I notice... #onlyinlondon

15. They don't need your feeble ideas about how instruments should actually be played.

16. Or whether or not it's appropriate to eat from a urinal.

The afterlife of a toilet - a cafe in Oxford Circus.. #onlyinlondon


19. Or develop some alternative toilet arrangements, because there is just no reason not to.

Dual toilet in ladies loo last night #onlyinlondon