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    24 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up Living In Modern Britain

    Truly, Britain is about throwing bog roll at politicians.

    1. This bus driver, acknowledging that while your job is important, true meaning comes from nailing an Instagram.

    2. This passive-aggression.

    3. This man in an Olaf costume, explaining the tyranny of Frozen with a pain you could never imagine.

    4. This considered, carefully thought-out approach to politics.

    5. And this one.

    6. This Glaswegian, standing up for what is true and right.

    7. This useful note, that communicates the important facts.

    8. This truth about commuting.

    9. This expression of true love in a fast moving world, from someone who is "NOT A NUTTER."

    Twitter: @darryl1974

    Which is nice.

    10. And this sad death of love.

    Found taped to the seat at my bus-stop. Oh, Ken.

    11. This approach to health.

    12. This pun shows how Britain is taking culture and cusine and transforming them into so much more.

    13. And it will stand boldly in the face of crime.

    14. The British people are resourceful, and not limited by such trivial things as taste or dignity.

    Just at the self-scanners in Tesco & in the corner of my eye I notice... #onlyinlondon

    15. They don't need your feeble ideas about how instruments should actually be played.

    16. Or whether or not it's appropriate to eat from a urinal.

    The afterlife of a toilet - a cafe in Oxford Circus.. #onlyinlondon

    17. For the British are never afraid to experiment, no matter how ill-advised that might be.

    18. They'll try and use a bin as a postbox, because why not?

    19. Or develop some alternative toilet arrangements, because there is just no reason not to.

    Dual toilet in ladies loo last night #onlyinlondon

    20. Why let ambition be limited by little things like the laws of time? Maybe this train will arrive in the past.

    21. There is no better example of the British fighting spirirt than these men, who despite all odds, WILL make it home.

    22. And the fortitude of the British will always be noteworthy, as in the harshest of conditions, a British person can find time for a quick sitdown, and a bit of cake.

    23. But at the end of the day, the best thing a resident of Britain can hope for is this triple, ultra-frosted mini Shredded Wheat.

    24. Or maybe, if you're very, very lucky, a really massive Hula Hoop.

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