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Nov 11, 2014

31 Dogs Who Are Clearly Much Better At Their Job Than You

Or at least, better than your co-workers. They're definitely cuter.

1. This dog is very aware of the importance of safety, so always wears his hard hat and hi-vis vest.

2. This is the most talented, and smartest, clothes salesman you'll ever meet.

3. This is a very skilled and friendly taxi driver.

4. This puppy has a relaxed attitude to working in this music store.

5. Not like these music store employees, who are always alert.

6. This dog has a job as a dog walker, which is ever so useful.

7. It's not clear what job these dogs are going to, but at least they're carpooling.

Do you carpool? Exactly.

8. Archeologist dogs!

9. Look at this dog. He's clearly been let down by a co-worker, he's working too late, and he's pissed off. But does he give up? No, he slogs though and gets the job done.

10. This is probably the best-looking newsreader of all time. / Via

Great job.

11. Well, aside from this one.

12. This dog is ready to get down to serious work.

13. You've never seen a better pole dancer than this dog.

14. *Coffee emoji*

15. This courier's assistant is undoubtedly a very helpful dog to have around.

16. What a helpful employee.

17. This dog has no time for shenanigans on the job.

18. This officer is just in training, but he's still clearly going to be great at this job.

19. "Hello, sir, how can I help you today?"

20. This guy is the most competent worker at this store.

21. This dog is clearly a responsible and productive member of the team.

22. This dog is working on the till, but it looks like he's having a slow day.

23. This dog has definitely had a long, hard day at his job, and he just wants to relax at the pub for a bit.

24. This dog is listening to music and getting down to business.

OK, this is actually the BuzzFeed UK Director of Naps and Bin-Sniffing. And he is ever so good at his job.

25. This dog clearly just wants to get on with his job, and not pose for a picture.

He knows what's important.

26. This dog is running this meeting.

No question who's the boss here.

27. This dog actually works at a hospital.

He has an ID and everything.

28. This dog has got his coffee, and he's ready to get started on the day.

29. "None of this is adding up. I think Greg's been messing with the formulas in the Excel sheets again. Goddamnit, Greg."

30. This dog is just getting on with it.

31. "And what can I get for you?"

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