22 Tumblr Posts That Prove Disney Has The Funniest Fans

    Make Disney great again.

    1. When they noticed this powerful trend that means if you see green, run like hell.

    2. When they came up with simultaneously the best and worst twist to a movie of all time.

    3. When they found maybe the most important character in all the movies.

    4. When they discovered a thing no child was ever meant to figure out.

    5. When they pointed out that Disney never stops being relatable.

    6. When they found the ultimate truth.

    7. When they couldn't stop looking at John Smith's goddamn elegance.

    8. And Aladdin's nipples.

    9. When they were all over the place, in every job, and still kept being funny.

    10. As well as being in the obvious places of course.

    11. When they made it hella dirty.

    12. And then hella disgusting.

    13. When they figured out the consequences.

    14. When they became determined to never call anyone a fool.

    15. When they made a translation they came to regret.

    16. When they compared characters across movies and it was kinda perfect.

    17. When they finally got the joke.

    18. When they looked slightly too hard.

    19. When they couldn't help but point out the obvious.

    20. When they discovered the perfect time to drop a reference.

    21. When they wanted to hold title designers to account.

    22. When the best joke of all time happened.