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29 Things That Will Make You Cringe So Hard You'll Never Recover

The horror.

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1. This literary discussion.

2. This hard worker getting corrected by his mother.

3. This legend of the fail.

4. This person whose middle name is probably DANGER. Or like, Greg.

5. This sadness.

6. This thinker inspired by a pen.

7. This horror show.

8. Rita Ora.

9. This terrifying proposition.

10. This #FedoraProb.

11. This weirdness.

12. Fuckin' Jeff.

13. This unpleasantness.

14. This awfulness that should never have gone on as long as it did.

15. This moment that will go down in school history for all the wrong reasons.

16. This anarchist who can never be stopped.

17. This strangeness.

18. This reason why universities should be shut down immediately.

19. This beautiful moment.

20. This person, whose use of " 'tis" is somehow the least objectionable thing here.

21. This teacher, stalking a girl on Facebook without realising it's showing on the big screen.

22. This disaster.

23. All of this.

24. This nastiness.

25. Whatever is happening here.

26. This genius.

27. The Smiths.

28. Both of these meme promposals.

29. And this.