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    27 Signs You're Obsessed With Coke Zero

    Choose life. Choose a job. Choose Coke Zero.

    1. This more or less looks like heaven to you.

    2. If you don't throw your empty cans away for a few days, your workspace will look like this.

    3. Typically, your car will have this in the cup-holders at all times.

    4. And you definitely buy your Coke Zero in bulk at this point.

    5. Regular Coke tastes really strange to you now.

    6. Diet Coke might be even worse. It just tastes so WEIRD.

    7. Your fridge has at least one shelf with nothing else in it.

    8. It's pretty frustrating when you get to a restaurant that only does Pepsi.

    9. But there is nothing worse than seeing normal Coke. And Diet Coke. BUT NO COKE ZERO.

    10. Why are you making me choose between two things I don't like?

    11. This is easily the worst thing you can ever see in a shop.

    12. And it happens ALL THE TIME.

    13. Your friends have started to comment on your obsession.

    14. You can drink it with any meal of the day. It's perfect at breakfast.

    15. Or as a midday snack...

    16. Or with a taco in the evening.

    17. Frankly, a meal without it isn't really complete.

    18. But the other flavours that are becoming an option are just a bit weird.

    19. You sometimes sort of wish you could turn your love for Coke Zero into decorations for the other parts of your life.

    20. It's the only mixer for alcohol you ever need.

    21. Regardless of how much alcohol you'll be drinking.

    22. Though you sometimes consider foregoing the alcohol all together.

    23. You have some very strong opinions about how it should be drunk.

    24. Your over-indulgence means you often end up with quite a lot of excess packaging.

    25. But any problem you have can probably be solved using said Coke Zero packaging.

    26. You know this label is pointless, because you won't be sharing your Coke Zero.

    27. Because at the end of the day, it's all you need.