29 England Things That Are England-Ing So Hard Right Now

England Everywhere.

1. This fan sleeps England.

2. This guy sleeps England as well.

3. But this dog is clearly winning at being an England fan.

4. Except for this dog.


6. This guy has got some bitchin’ England sunglasses.

7. These lights are doing something pretty cool.

@england World Cup ready #ComeOnEngland

— MattBickley (@_bickley_)

8. This office is sort of getting there.

The @England-ization of my office continues. Coming along nicely. Every flag a gust of wind at their backs. #3Lions

— Scott Hendon (@ScottHendon)

9. This fan has completely committed.

10. This fan really has their swag together.

11. This fan is taking some risks to show his support.

Come on @england

— Joe Taylor (@joetaylor97)

12. This house has gone for a slightly more minimalist approach.

13. These cunning Co-op staff have messed with the display.

@england #3Lions My boss & I did this display in our @CooperativeFood store in #Hayle with the help from @CocaCola.

— ScreamForMeKnebworth (@rugbydropout)

14. But they’ve been out-done by this shop.

15. This gnome is a pretty huge fan as well.

16. This house has got flags bloody everywhere.

My house all ready for the World Cup, come on @england #DoUsProud

— Aidan Peaty (@PeatyBcfc)

17. This street even has children looking forward to the World Cup. But they’ll learn..

@england #3Lions

— billy holden-parker (@cfcbilly96)

18. This street has beaten their flag game, though.

Everyone is getting behind the boy's come on @england

— Liam Edwards (@EddieisNo1)

19. The inside of this house is pretty into it as well.

@england m,y room all decked out , bn ready for this 3weeks now.#cmonengland

— jay leach (@gingerjedijay)

20. This living room has some retro memorabilia.

21. This keen gardener has gone to TOWN.

What about this for an effort! Wonder if @WayneRooney is a fan? Come on @England

— Gary Stonehouse (@garystonehouse)

22. This pub is getting in on it.


— Chelsea Local (@LocalChelsea)

23. These England nails are lovely.

24. These nails look like the winners, though.

@england C'mon England! #3Lions ⚽

— XSHOT ☆ (@FCBxshot)

25. This house has redefined maximum flag density.

@england Lets go England!

— Jack | Jacadinho (@JacadinhoYT)

26. Though this house is trying pretty hard as well.


— Brett (@Fairman91)

27. This entire block of flats has got flags everywhere.

28. And these blinds are actually pretty cool.

29. But the winner, obviously, is this guy.

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Luke Bailey is a senior editor for BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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