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    39 Times East London Hipsters Went Way Too Far

    Ban artisans.

    1. When this man walked around with a fox tail.

    2. When a bar started serving cocktails on which the only label was a photo of Miley Cyrus.

    3. When they started playing unicycle hockey. Unicycle. Hockey.

    4. When they began putting up pop-up shops for anything. This is for hula hoops, for instance.

    5. And this, well, this is certainly an interesting-sounding pop-up.

    6. When this thing happened and it had no reasonable explanation.

    7. When they made an entire shop out of felt. The material felt.

    8. When they opened a bitcoin ATM in a cafe.

    Libertarians are having a feast! - The very First #Bitcoin ATM has opened at the Old Shoreditch Station cafe.

    9. And then started a 3D-printing cafe RIGHT NEXT DOOR.

    10. And then an e-cigarette shop JUST DOWN THE ROAD.


    12. When this band played a gig on the overground.

    Loving the journey gig on the @ldnoverground #onlyinshoreditch

    13. And this band had a gig in the back of a van.

    14. And they started cutting hair in a van.

    15. Or just outside.

    16. When this.

    17. And this.

    18. When this was created, and was terrible, and yet looks very tempting.

    19. When this abomination happened.

    20. When they tried to make ironic graffiti.

    21. And when they couldn't even graffiti ironically.

    22. When someone invented a craft-beer vending machine.

    23. When they thought this was in any way acceptable.

    24. When they thought this sign should ever have been permitted.

    25. When they chained a crate to a bike stand.

    26. When this hairstyle happened to the world.

    27. When they started being genuinely unpleasant.

    28. And when asking nicely just didn't work.

    29. When they held an animal drawing class in the middle of a damn city.

    30. When they came up with this idea for a game of pool.

    Obscure pool game #onlyineastlondon with @mh_harrison @adamandevee9 #andytime

    31. When this happened.

    32. When they started this inane campaign against charity shops.

    33. When they left a sofa here.

    34. And here.

    Great day to be sitting in the sun enjoying a doughnut. #onlyinshoreditch

    35. When they attempted to make art.

    36. When they were totally happy to have a picnic on some metal steps.

    Sunny lunchbreak. Grass? Greenery? Oh no, I know these cute metal steps nearby... #OnlyInShoreditch

    37. Or in a car park.

    38. When they started a Wes Anderson-themed bar.

    39. When this guy decided to DJ in a fucking field.