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32 Signs You Learned To Drink In Britain

It's all about the Strongbow and Apple Sourz.

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2. There's a good chance the first time you had a drink was in a park, cunningly hidden behind some bushes away from adult eyes.

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There are actually twenty-three 14-year-olds in this photo.


5. If neither of them were around, you had to resort to asking someone's older brother, or, at absolute worst, a stranger to go to the nearest Nisa for you.!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sUnr9sOHKISNQ2ElH8c2Ruw!2e0

Suddenly, all the drinks seemed to get much more expensive. Weird, that.


10. Eventually, you were convinced you looked 18, and figured out the only shop in the local area that would happily serve your clearly underage self.

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They knew. That old dude in the newsagent definitely knew – he just didn't care. Though at the time, you were sure it was your undeniable air of maturity that did it.

11. When you first tried to buy something in a shop, you discovered you had no idea what you were supposed to be drinking, however.

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Often resulting in you buying whatever you saw your parents drink. Which was not a good idea.


22. You have very strong opinions about the actual rules of Ring of Fire.

"Rhyming? What the fuck sort of rule is rhyming?"

23. Despite now firmly believing that drinking games are for children and Americans.

What the bollocks are you people doing?