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27 People Who Prove Humanity Is An Evolutionary Dead End

Let's give up and let the animals take over.

1. Both the guy who decides to film the bottle and not get out of the way, and the guy who decides to throw it at the ground for no good reason.

2. The person trying to hit warp speed in a wheelchair.

3. Anyone doing this with fireworks.

4. The man standing this close to a racetrack.

(He was OK afterwards.)

5. The guy cycling backwards.

6. This person, who thought a skateboard, a hill, and a Very Heavy Thing was a natural combination.

7. I'm not even sure what this person was trying to do, but I am confident he failed to do it.

8. This person, who has absolutely no instincts for self-preservation, but in a way, quite a lot of luck.

9. The man who thinks it's a good idea to breakdance near tons of metal speeding past.

10. This fan who decides to take on a professional bike race and it goes inevitably badly.

11. This person, and her failed ambition.

12. This man running into a pole.

13. Either of these people.

14. This guy, misunderstanding basically everything.

15. The reporter with no understanding that ANIMALS BITE.

How are you going to survive the winter?

16. The guy trying to impress people.

17. And this one.

18. And also this one. Everyone stop trying to impress people; you will break yourselves.

19. This guy fighting a skateboard.

20. This man, utterly unclear about what he should be doing.

21. What is the best outcome that was anticipated here, really?

22. This guy proving that walking is hard.

23. This lady, ignoring the raging flood coming down the street.

24. The person putting a thing a dog usually attacks in front of said dog, on themselves, and assuming the dog won't attack it.

25. Humans just have no self-preservation skills, which is why they're happy to drive into smoke that may or may not be hiding a massive hole.

26. Humans really, really struggle with physics.

27. No instincts for physics or self-preservation. At all.

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