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    19 Newspaper Headlines That Prove British Media Can't Be Trusted

    It's a mess out there.

    1. Why is the BBC not covering this?

    2. Or this? Why is the BBC not ensuring that this footpath has a gate that isn't so noisy?

    3. Maybe sushi never wanted to come to the town?

    See? This is the problem, never reporting two sides. Maybe they were the seagull's crisps, hmmm?

    4. Maybe the seagull and the cat were in love?

    5. No sign of the sheep's side of the story, is there? You say "rogue", I say "fiercely independent"!

    6. It's clear we can't trust the media – they're in league with the Wendy house establishment.

    7. And the dragon establishment. Why are they not reporting the threat from this dragon?

    8. We need to hear from the mattress! Tell both sides, come on.

    9. This seems like clear and deliberate misinformation by the media, in league with the carrots that are actually invading the town.

    10. And we never hear about the good bits. The British media is determined to keep us in a state of despair, just to control our emotions.

    11. I don't know about you, but I don't trust these Hampstead creative types. We need more information here, and we can't trust the media to bring it to us!

    12. Now you know this is the media messing you around. This must be a lie.

    13. Sure, someone grew a banana, British media. Sure they did.

    14. There's clearly something suspicious going on with all these plants, but is the media getting to the bottom of it? Never!

    15. Oh exhaustion, exhaustion hmm? A LIKELY STORY.

    16. But the budgie's death is suspicious? My question is, why wasn't it suspicious before? What weren't you reporting?

    17. Clear signs of media bias.

    18. At the end of the day, local newspapers are doing fierce, powerful work trying to uncover the TRUTH and it just goes ignored by the national media.