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37 People You Wish You Could Hang Out With Every Single Day

Your life would be better with these people around.

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5. Whoever put this magnificence together.

7. Whoever commits to their opinions like this.


8. These dancers, obviously.

9. The guy who sunk this.

(Second angle, because why not.)

11. And this one.


13. This guy.

14. This dog that just wants to drive a car.


17. Whoever takes a shortcut like this.

21. Lawrence.

I'm yelling and knocking stuff over


24. A guy trying to high-five all of New York.

26. This dog who is you IRL.

28. These people coming together to help one another, in the most appropriate place they could find.

The human race is progressing , this is inspiring.

30. The guy who can nail this shot.

31. And this one.


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