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33 Brilliantly Blunt Pub Signs That Will Make You Want A Drink

Let's not get too clever, we just want a pint.

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1. This sign tells the truth.

2. The "that" sounds tempting.

3. How could you argue with a bloody lovely garden?

6. This pub knows its customers well.

7. This choice is probably not that tricky.

8. Also a fairly straight-forward choice.

9. Beyoncé is corrected, in an important way.

11. There's no need to bother with TimeOut when you can just quote some bloke.

12. This sign is highly accurate.

13. I bet that guy is Greg.

14. Realistic expectations.

16. This sign might speak the truth...

18. This is known as playing to your strengths.

20. It's important to let your customers know that they can use vegetables to pay for beer in an emergency.

22. This sign is telling it like it is.

24. Though there are obstacles when these jokes are made.

25. Interestingly, this sign is actually fairly poorly maintained.

26. This is known as "West London blunt."

27. This is a smart way to explain the importance of wine.

28. It's good to see a pub that recognizes its most important customers.

29. And a pub that doesn't allow camels in.

30. Disappointing. But understandable.

31. This sign knows what happens to pub signs now.

32. I mean, if it's lovely, you should probably go in.