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    23 Photos Of Food That Will Give You Trust Issues

    Yeah, this is...this is not the delicious food I was after. And it is not OK to mess with my food!

    1. This panini.

    2. These chocolates that are just...different.

    3. This.

    4. This burger.

    5. This pizza.

    6. Probably this pizza as well.

    7. This brownie.

    8. This Twinkie.

    9. These potato skins.

    10. This treat.

    11. These pancakes.

    12. These tacos.

    13. This burrito.

    14. These too.

    15. This chocolate.

    16. And this one.

    17. This ice cream.

    18. And this one as well.

    19. And definitely this one.

    20. This brownie.

    21. These sandwiches.

    22. Whatever this is supposed to be.

    23. And these horrifying bananas.

    From r/ExpectationVsReality.