23 Baby Rhinos That Will Make You Impossibly Happy

Unicorns exist, but they’re grey and we call them Rhinos. h/t: r/babyrhinogifs

1. This one taking a little nap.

2. This baby going for a little run.

3. This one coming to say ‘Hi,’ BECAUSE NO CAGE CAN HOLD HIM.

4. This rhino who will definitely do what her mum says.

5. This copycat rhino.

6. This one having a dance and then getting tired.

7. This one going for a little trot.

8. This one having a little lie-down.

9. This rhino just getting some food.

10. This rhino getting a nose nuzzle.

11. This one with another little bit of nose love.

12. This one practicing its terrifying charge.

13. This rhino getting its belly rubbed.

Baby rhinos are dirty.

14. This other rhino getting its belly rubbed.

They’re just like cats, really.

15. This rhino figuring out snow.

16. This baby and his rather fetching coat.

17. This rhino getting a bit excited.

18. This baby fearlessly heading down a car.

19. This one who hasn’t quite got his swagger down yet.

20. This baby rhino communicating with David Attenborough.

Despite being blind, this rhino is being well cared for by Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

21. This rhino having an absolute ball.

22. This baby rhino getting a bit dizzy.

23. This baby who can totally win this fight.

Special h/t to @holdenwook, baby rhino king of Reddit.

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