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The 21 Cringiest Moments Of The 2015 BRITs

More or less everything Taylor Swift did, basically.

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1. So first up, Kayne went to Nando's.

Meeting Kanye West in Nandos just before The Brits #BRITs2015 AMAZING

2. The most awkward moment on the red carpet was probably when someone got in the way of Ellie Goulding's selfies.

3. And it only got worse for her when she tried to make this joke.

That cringe moment when @elliegoulding makes an awful joke. #retweet


And unsurprisingly, reaction was not very positive.

What's the point in Kanye even performing when half of it's blanked out? #BRITs2015


12. Kim Kardashian attemped to take a selfie with Ant and Dec, but, tragically, the phone was locked.

15. This was probably the most awkward selfie of the night.

16. Then Ant and Dec tried to interview Ed Sheeran, but someone nearby was not being subtle about taking a photo.


18. And then Taylor Swift photobombed, and it wasn't so much awkward as amazing.

20. But MAINLY, it was all about Madonna falling off the stage.

Capes are hard.