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    23 Online Reviews That Failed So Hard They Almost Won

    None of this is useful information.

    1. This review suggests some unintended consequences.

    2. This review gets straight to the point.

    3. This 5 Hour Energy review is understandably in all-caps.

    4. This one is not useful, but oh-so-relatable.

    5. This review may not have considered your actual needs.

    6. This book review is just very, very bleak.

    7. This review of a desktop fan eased concerns you didn't know you had.

    8. And this review was apparently actually helpful to 31,267 people.

    9. This is just worrying.

    10. This reviewer has some seriously high standards.

    11. This is a review.

    12. This review made an interesting, if somewhat tangential, point.

    13. This reviewer was expecting something different.

    14. This is horrifying.

    15. This review lost it's way.

    16. This review took an unpredictable turn.

    17. This is honest, but doesn't really go into depth on the quality of the food.

    18. This was probably too graphic.

    19. This review is definitely giving too much information away.

    20. This is an all too common problem with this product.

    21. This movie review is somewhat useful.

    22. This review gets distracted pointing out an admittedly massive flaw.

    23. This is the end.