23 Signs You’re The April Ludgate Of Your Workplace

Because you want to not do things.

1. You’re always professional.

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2. You would never mess around on the job.

3. You’re highly motivated to work.

4. But when you’re off work, you relax in a responsible way.

5. And you would never come to work hungover.

6. You really know how to deal with people in meetings.

7. You’re very expressive with your thoughts on ideas, and feed back in a constructive way.

8. It’s a natural skill.

9. You’re often the most energetic person in the office, brightening everyone’s lives.

10. You’re always excited to meet potential new co-workers.

11. You can really cut through the office bullshit.

12. You are an expert in managing your underlings without intimidating them.

13. You know exactly who you should be going on a work trip with.

14. You would never just mess with people for the hell of it.

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15. You consistently make very strong decisions.


16. You have a really rational and not at all dangerous response to problems.

17. Seriously, it’s never even slightly scary.

18. You have very strong feminist credentials as well.


19. You can raise grievances at your job in a very effective way.

20. You know exactly what is and isn’t work-appropriate.

21. You have good ideas for office entertainment.

22. You deal with workplace conflicts in a calm and rational way.

23. You also might be a wizard. Which is a good thing.

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Luke Bailey is a senior editor for BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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