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30 Glorious Street Foods From Around The World That Will Make You Want To Travel

And eat. Mainly eat, in fact.

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1. Fish & Chips - Plymouth, England.

2. Pretzels – Munich, Germany.

3. Gnochetti – Rimini, Italy.

4. Prawns – Barcelona, Spain.

5. Ice cream – Rome, Italy.

6. Arancini – Sicily, Italy.

Stuffed, fried rice balls.


7. Currywurst – Berlin, Germany.

8. Chikhirtma – Georgia.

Chicken soup in a bun, though this particular example is from Moscow.

9. Souvlaki – Santorini, Greece.

10. Balık-ekmek – Istanbul, Turkey.

This is a type of fish sandwich.


11. Mussels – Istanbul, Turkey.

12. Bessara - Morocco.

A soup made from fava beans.

13. Boli - Nigeria

Roasted plantain and ice cream.

14. Boerewors Roll - South Africa.

A sandwich containing Boerewors, a very high meat content sausage.


16. Tawa Pulao – Mumbai, India.

Rice, with fresh vegetables and spices.

17. Pani-Puri – Nepal.

Hollow, fried, crispy sphere. Filled with delicious flavoured things.

18. Fried Snakes – Siam Reap, Cambodia.

19. Pho – Bangkok, Thailand.

20. Siêu bánh - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

21. Baozi – Beijing, China.

22. Takoyaki – Tokyo, Japan.

Batter, filled and fried.


23. Prawn Satay – Jakarta, Indonesia.

24. Sausage Sizzle – Perth, Australia.

25. Queijo Coalho – Rio, Brazil.

Grilled cheese on sticks. The perfect food.

26. Tacos - Guadalajara, Mexico.

27. Fish Taco - San Diego.

28. Pulled Pork Taco - Austin.

Tacos are very flexible.

29. Hot Dogs - Palm Beach, Florida