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26 Times Tumblr Had Serious Questions About “Harry Potter”

Update: Wizards are still useless.

1. When they started to think that maybe Harry was just a bit of a dick.


2. When someone finally stood up for Luna.

3. When they started to question what happened at Hogwarts the rest of the time.

4. When they found this bit of foreshadowing.

5. When they figured out that there might have been a hole in the plot somewhere.

6. When they realised just how frustrating it must have been to be a teacher at Hogwarts.

7. When they raised an important query about Voldemort.

8. When they noticed how weird this scene actually was.

9. When they carried on their obsession with how some of the practicalities of how Hogwarts worked.

10. Seriously, Hogwarts must be complicated.

11. When the hashtags told the real story of what was going on.

12. When they started to think about what could have been.

13. When this alternate history presented itself.

14. When they came up with this brilliant alternative casting suggestion.

15. When they questioned the official line on exactly who Kenneth Branagh is.

16. When they wondered exactly where Harry's "conscience" was coming from.

17. When they figured out that maybe he was a bit dumb as well.

18. When... Look, there really are some strong reasons why Harry wasn't in Ravenclaw.

19. Though he was pretty annoyed throughout most of the films anyway.

20. When they came up with this brilliant idea.

21. When they started to wonder about how Quidditch worked the rest of the time.

22. When they figured out just how annoying Hermione would have been in real life.

23. When they perfectly summarised the houses.

24. When they clarified it further.

25. When they raised this important issue.


26. When they finally realised what the most major problem was all along.

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