24 Struggles Every Netflix Addict Will Immediately Understand

“Are you still watching?” is Netflix telling you to get your life together.

1. The main problem is always struggling to decide what to watch.

2. Since the reality of Netflix is actually this.

buzzfeed.com / Adam Ellis

3. Then you get into a new show and are getting up to speed on it and suddenly, out of nowhere, there are no more episodes left.

IFC / Via imgur.com

4. And being immediately irrationally angry.

5. Netflix starts to have a major impact on your life.

6. You start to seriously question whether you should be doing other things instead.

Netflix problems.

— Emily Kopp (@EmilyKoppMusic)

7. Then you get this message and realize it might be hinting you should do something else with your life.

But mainly being annoyed you have to actually restart it manually.

8. The gap between episodes is almost too real.

9. And yet there always seems to be another show that you just have to watch.

Note: This show only has one season on Netflix and that is a fucking travesty.

10. At some point you’ll have to deal with this.

The absolute shame when u pick a last resort movie on Netflix only to realise you're already half way through it

— Keira Gilleechi (@gilleechi)

11. When you get really addicted, you start to feel this is a totally legitimate thing to do.

12. Especially now Friends has come online.

13. You know it’s a problem when your recommendations start to get really specific.

14. Then it doesn’t have what you desperately want, and the related suggestions give you physical pain.

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15. Discovering that Netflix subtitles are the best and not knowing how many other great jokes you’ve missed out on.

16. Though then you discover that Comic Sans is an option, and that is just worrying.

You can watch @netflix with #comicsans captioning. #netflixproblems

— Rick Strandlof (@RickStrandlof)

17. When you eventually catch up with an old show, no-one knows what the hell you’re talking about.

18. The knowledge that this reality will probably never exist stings.

19. The crushing realisation that your favourite movies are about to disappear is very worrying.

Oh damn it. #NetflixProblems

— Jio de Leon (@jiodeleon)

20. You’ll also fall asleep halfway through watching something.

And wake up not knowing which episode you were watching or how much you actually remember.

21. Sharing a Netflix account usually leads to conversations like these.

22. Right up until this happens and you decide the concept of having family and friends is defintely overrated.

23. The loading tension is one of the worst parts.

If you've seen this, then you know how suspense can kill #netflixproblems

— Mali (@Malley_Kay)

24. But it’s nothing compared to when it just won’t load AT ALL.

Get it together, Netflix.

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Luke Bailey is a senior editor for BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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